Andrea Racciatti CV

 Andrea Racciatti was born in Rosario, Argentina, on December 1, 1957.

She has a National Degree in Visual Arts from the School of Humanities and Arts of the National University of Rosario. Nowadays, she lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Since 1980, she has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in her country and abroad. She has received many awards and distinctions, and her work is part of national and international collections.

She is part of the artistic collective La línea que camina, (The walking line), along with Silvina Resnik, Cristina Rochaix, and Susana Schnell since 2015; performing exhibitions and artistic crossover projects in the country and abroad. Racciatti also coordinated together with Cristina Ghetti, the project «Red Nómade» – collective of contemporary artistic and intellectual interventions – performing interventions in Valencia, Spain, Paris, France, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, among others, from 2004 to 2014.

She has participated in the founding of the National Congress Library Open Art Workshops, under the Department of Cultural Extension as well as coordinating the Painting Workshop during the years 1989/90. The workshop remains open to the community until this date.

As an art teacher:

– She is currently a professor of Domatec Drawing II, Laboratory of Ideas and Images II and Painting II and III subjects corresponding to the Degree in Visual Arts Career Orientation of UMSA (University of the Argentine Social Museum), Buenos Aires. She has been a professor at this University since 2004.

– Since 2012, she has been a professor of the Drawing Orientation Workshop III, a year round course at ESEA Rogelio Yrurtia, (Higher School of Artistic Education) Buenos Aires.

– Associate Professor of the Ester Nazarian Chair of Painting Techniques and Crafts annual course at U.N.A, (National University of Art),  Buenos Aires, from 2000 to 2003.

– Art teacher at the International Baccalaureate of St. John`s School, Beccar, Buenos Aires, from 2001 to 2006

– Professor of the Preparatory Course of Painting,  at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, from 1995 to 2000.

– Professor of Painting I at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, 1993.

– Art teacher of the National College of Buenos Aires from 1992 to 1996.

– Coordinated the art workshop for teenagers of the Hacoaj Yacht Club, Buenos Aires, 1990 to 1992.

– Art teacher at the Women’s Library, Buenos Aires, in 1985/86 in the areas of Art History I, II and III and Vision I of the Professional Decoration Career.

Artistic Activity:

Awards and Mentions:

2019 – Artistic Residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts de París, to carry out the artistic project Superimposed Buenos Aires-Paris, during September and October.

2018 – The Walking Line was awarded two plane tickets to Paris by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, with the objective of performing an artistic project in that city.

2016 – Winner of the Mobility Award, Cultural and Creative Argentine Development Fund, to carry out an artistic project in Paris with the collective The Walking Line.

2015 – Knowledge Exchange Meeting scholarship: Laboratory and Coexistence, granted by the National Arts Fund, San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia, Argentina.

2012 – Winner of the Creators Line Grant, granted by the Culture, Arts and Sciences Metropolitan Fund.

2011 – Winner of the call to exhibit in the galleries of the Spanish Park Cultural Center in Rosario. The Exhibition Cuarto Creciente was held from August 2 to September 30, 2012.

2006 – Participated in the seminar given by the Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas at the        Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires (CCEBA).

2004 – Participated in the workshop coordinated by the German artist Thomas Demand between the 13th and 17th of December at MALBA Museum Buenos Aires.

1998 – 1st Prize of Painting Trains of Buenos Aires, Retiro Station, Buenos Aires.

– Mention Movado Award for the Young Generation, International Critics Conference, Spinetto Shopping, Buenos Aires.

1983 – 1st. Lufthansa Prize for Young Argentine Painting, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

1981 – 1st. prize XXV Hebraica Contest for Young Artists, Buenos Aires.

Solo Shows :

2019 – Superimposed Buenos Aires-Paris: Visions of Love (Love in Paradise), Cité  International des Arts, Paris.
La trame infinie,  Festival Les traversées du Marais, Cité Internationale des Arts, París.

2016 – Formaciones de la Memoria, La línea piensa, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

2014 – Cielo raso, curator Silvia Dolinko, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2012 – Cuarto Creciente, Spanish Park Cultural Center in Rosario.

2011 – Accidentes/ Incidentes, installation, curator Kekena Corvalán,  Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

2009 – La Noche, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2007 – Morada, VVV Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2003 – Juegos de niña, curator  Ana Gallardo,  Lelé de Troya Gallery,  Buenos Aires

1998 – Paintings, Pueblo Blanco Cultural Center,  Punta del Este, Uruguay.

– Proximidades, paintings,  Filo Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Pinturas Recientes, Bernardino Rivadavia Cultural Center,  Rosario.

1995 – Paintings, Brazil Art Space, Houston T.X.  U.S.A.

1992 – Incisiones Silenciosas, paintings,  Ática Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Incisiones Silenciosas, paintings, Krass Gallery, Rosario.

1987 – El pasaje (installation) Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Collective Exhibitions:

2019 – Ensamble, The walking line, curator Sandra Juárez, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Secretos compartidos, Esteban Tedesco collection, Borges Cultural Center,Buenos Aires.

Amour, glamour, brûlure, curator Marta Portugal, Cabinet de Rachel Spire, 1 rue              de Sains Féron,  75013, París.

 -Amour, glamour, brûlure, curator Marta Portugal Maison de l’Argentine                                27A Boulevard Jourdan, 75014, París.

 -« RHI-MA-ZO » De l’air dans la globalisation, curator Marta Portugal, Galerie Planet           Rouge, Paris.

 -L’exquis cadavre, curator Marie-Hélène Fabra,  La cave à Bananes, París.

-La Cavallerizza è per tutti,  Residence at Cavallerizza Irreale Turin, Italy ( project and exhibition of The walking line)

 -La otra mitad del mundo del arte, curator Phillipe Cyroulnik, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Echanges, Julio- Artists Run Space, París.-Sueños Negros, La línea Piensa, Sor Josefa Díaz y Clusellas Municipal  Museum, Santa Fe2016

The walking line, multidisciplinary event in Susana Schnell´s studio, Buenos Aires.

Diagonal Sur, Esteban Tedesco collection, curator Philipe Cyrulnik, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Interestratos, short film, Mini DV Andrea Racciatti-Juan Bobbio, Entre   Lenguas Argentine Experimental Video, (Rosario: Fundación Instituto Internacional de  la Lengua Española y Centro de  Arte y Contemporaneidad de la UNR)

 2015 – Flat Pack Art to San Pablo, Aurora Gallery, San Pablo, Brazil

Flat Pack Art to Islington Mill, Manchester, England

2014 – Flat Pack Art to Milano, Kalpani Gallery, Milano, Ital

– Ego Art Fair, stand at Jacques Martinez Gallery, Córdoba.

2013 – La trama infinita. Forest Art Space, open studio, curator Ana Gallardo, Buenos Aires.

Arbitraria,  curator Eduardo Stupía, Plaza Castelli Cultural Center Buenos Aires.

Casa Tomada, curator Patricia Rizzo, Clara Martínez’s studio, San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

Artist Invites Artist, «Common Ground», Miami. USA.

La trama infinita, Clara Martínez’s studio, San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

– Interestratos, short film, Mini DV, Andrea Racciatti-Juan Bobbio, 2009

– Overlapping memories, Space, Pittsburgh, Quart Jove, Valencia, Spain.

2011- Interestratos, short film, Mini DV, Andrea Racciatti-Juan Bobbio, 2009

-Official selection CeC, Global Art video festival, India.

– Host 2 -Art Funkl – Manchester, England.

– Unfolding sequences – Studio XX – Montreal, Canada.

– Artist invites Artist, Módena, Italy and Valencia, Spain.

Huésped Inesperado, curator Elizabeth Aro, K. Corvalán, A. Portela, RedNómade  .y Big Bang, Tamangos Films, Buenos Aires.

Arte Ba 2011, Stand at Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aries.

Itineraria, 10 women ,2 territories. Corriente alterna Gallery, curators Laura  Reginato and Kekena Corvalán, Lima, Peru.

2010   –Universal shipping box:

– Jardin Luminoso Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Interventions at CCEBA, Buenos Aires.

projektraum schwarz, Berlin

-twenty+3 projects, Manchester, England.

-Interestratos, short film, Mini DV, Andrea Racciatti-Juan Bobbio, 200

– Official selection CeC. Global Art video festival, Indian.

– Official selection KOMUN 2010, Esquel film festival. Argentina.

– Official selection S.Low festival 2010, Berlín, Germany

-Official selection, Arts festival 2010, Novara, Italy.

-Heavy Duty, transmigratory meetings, New York-París-Valencia.

-Official selection festival, Miden 2010, Greec

-Stand at «Leedor», Arte BA 2010, Buenos Aires.

2009 –Interestratos, short film, Mini DV Andrea Racciatti-Juan Bobbio, 2009

-Official selection, Festi Freak, International film festival, La Plata, Argentina

-Official selection festival film, Rosario, Argentina

Arte en Movimiento: Alto Palermo Shopping, Buenos Aires.

Madrugada, apenas las tres, video installation,  6´43¨ + loop.sonido,  EnterSpace,  Canarias, Spain.

Pobre Mariposa, Alón Art Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Gallery Artist’s Exhibition, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires

Collective Exhibition, Soberana Frank, Valencia, Spain.

2008  –Digital Media 1.0, La Nau, Valencia, Spain.

2007 –Impresiones Urbanas. Fine Arts Circle, Valencia, Spain

Impresiones Urbanas. VVVGallery, Buenos Aires.

-Buenos Aires Art Fair, Arte Ba 2007, stand  at VVVGallery

2005- En busca de la Belleza Real, itinerant show:- Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Art Fair (Arte Ba), Buenos Aires, MACRO Museum, Rosario.

El sutil vértigo de la imagen, International show,  curator Claudia Laudano Spanish Park Cultural Center in Rosario.

Video Performance “Kiss Me”, Andrea Racciatti –Alejandro Areal Vélez,   curator Graciela Taquini, El Borde Gallery, Buenos Aires

Video Performance “Kiss Me”, The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA.

Video Performance “Kiss Me”, Mercosur Video Dance Circuit: FIVU,   Montevideo, Uruguay, Video Dance festival, Buenos Aires, Danza em Foco,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2004 – Selected to participate in the video workshop taught by Enrique Aguerre in Telefónica Foundation, Buenos Aires

–  13 Buenos Aires Art Fair, Arte Ba, Loreto Arenas Gallery,  Buenos Aires

–  Gallery Nights, Loreto Arenas Gallery, Buenos Aires.

–  Gallery Nights, Transarte, Buenos Aires.

–  Día 4 Award, (digital art), Buenos Aires.

–  Postfotografías: “la desrealidad de la imagen”, curator Claudia Laudano, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

–  Artistas del fin del mundo-itinerant show- Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain,

–  Selected to send a dossier to Canada under the “Women Artists throughout the World”.

2003 – Arte al Plato, curator Micaela Patania, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Pinturas, esculturas, figuraciones, abstracciones, curator Jorge López Anaya, Federico Klemm Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Mamba Award, (Limbo), digital art, MAMBA Museum,  Buenos Aires.

2002 –Video Performance “Kiss Me”, Andrea Racciatti,-Alejandro Areal Vélez, Mónaco Art Forum , Mónaco.

Danza al límite de lo imposible, Video Performance “Kiss Me, curator G. Taquini, MAMBA Museum, Buenos Aires

2001 – Video Performance “Kiss Me”, International Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Naturaleza Artificial,  Casona de los Olivera Art Space, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Dance Video  Festival, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

Video Performance “Kiss Me”, Cuerpos electrónicos, curator G. Taquini, MAMBA Museum, Buenos Buenos Aires.

Contracaras, Selection of Argentine videos, Film and Video Festival, Lima, Peru.

Kiss me, video installation, Arte Electrónico made in Argentina, curator G.Taquini, VII Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador

Chandon Cultural Award, J. B. Castagnino Museum, Rosario.

2000 – Argentine Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

Prodaltec Award of Digital Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

Arte y Cultura, Siglo XX Argentino, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

1999 – Rafaella Silbernagl, Contemporary Art, Varesse, Italy,

–  Artísima (Fiera di Arte) Over Studio Gallery, Turin, Italy.

1998 – Argentina Salenstein Kunst, Ámsterdam, Holland.

Artist books, Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires.

1996  – Pasión  por Frida (Tribute to  F. Kahlo), Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

1995 – Jesse and Raymond Gallery, Panamá.

Centro Costarricense de la Ciencia y la Cultura, San José de Costa Rica.

1994 – Klemm Award, Jornadas de la Crítica 94, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires.

1993 –Manuel Belgrano Municipal Award, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

1992 – Jornadas de la Crítica 92, Harrods in Art, Buenos Aires.

Ghunter Award, Harrods in Art, Buenos Aires.

Braque Award, MAMBA Museum, Buenos Aires.

Fundación Nuevo Mundo Award, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires

Pro Arte Award, Caraffa Museum, Córdoba.

1990  – Arte Joven, Castagnino Art Space, Buenos Aire

Novos da Argentina,  Brazilian Argentine Cultural Institute, Río de Janeiro, Brazil.

1988 –Movado Award for the Young Generation. Jornadas de la Crítica, Buenos Aires

1987 -Integrated the Group of the X:

–  Grupo de la X  Castagnino Museum, Rosario.

–  Grupo de la X  Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires.

–  9 Pintores de la Joven Generación, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires.

1986 – Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1985 – Yugoeslavia, Argentina, San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

1984 – 11 mujeres pintan en público, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

–  Provincial Museum of Fine Arts P. E. Martínez, Paraná.

1983 – Jornadas de la Crítica 83, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

1982 – Pintores Sudamericanos, Brazilian Art Gallery,  Río Grande do Sul, Brazil.

1980 – Salón de Artistas Plásticos Rosarinos, J. B. Castagnino Museum, Rosario.