Uncertaintes that the tide brings, mixed media on paper, 2020.



Artistic residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, September and October 2019

Festival Les traversées du Marais, La trame infinie, Open Studio, Cité des Arts, September 6 th  and 7th  Paris.




Superimposed Buenos Aires-Paris, Open Studio, Cité Internationale des Arts, October 22 nd,  Paris.

Ensemble:  La línea que camina (The Walking Line), Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, curator Sandra Juárez.


Amour, Glamour, Brûlure:  Paris, November 2018



Love in paradise: (Visions of love) watercolor on paper, 2019/18.

Love in paradise is a series of watercolors in process where two existential searches coexist: earthly paradise and love. The earthly paradise, becomes “a place of nostalgia that every human being  want to find but that is still the subject of an infinite search”. The images of faceless beings parade through that paradise embodying the various forms of expression of love or, sometimes, only state their loss and the nostalgia of enjoyment.

Exhibition «RHI MA ZO» un poco de aire en la globalización!  Exchange between  Latin American and French artists. Galerie Planète Rouge: 25 rue Duvivier 75007 París. Artists: Andrea Racciatti, Silvina Resnik, Cristina Rochaix, Susana Schnell, Nicolás Picatto, Ana María Lozano Rivera, Franck Ancel and Luc Barrovecchio.  Curator: Lic. Marta Portugal

A.I.D.A.N.I.Q  International  Workshop , Ménilmontant, Paris, January 2018.



Identities forms a series of portraits of people captured in intense moments, expressing the deepness that characterizes them. I propose a network of portraits in process, which will be expanded and built over time, showing the differences and coincidences that constitute us.

  L’exquis cadavre…La cave à Bananes,París, 2018


Black dreams , La linea piensa, Municipal Museum Sr. Josefa Díaz y Clusellas, Santa Fe, Argentine.


Texturas Urbanas, La  Línea que camina, (The Walking line)  Experimental Color Center, Santa Fe, Argentine.

Échanges,  Project and exhibition by   La línea que camina,  Julio Artist Run Space, Paris, January  2017.
Project carried out with the support of  María Ibáñez Lago, Fondo Argentino de Desarrollo Cultural y Creativo, Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación, and La Maison de
L´Argentine, Cité Internationale Universitaire, París.
Artists : Silvina Resnik, Susana Schnell, Cristina Rochaix, Andrea Racciatti, Roberto Plate, Paloma Moin, María Hélène Fabra, Martín Reyna, María Saravia, Laura Nillni, Anouk Tesserau, Cristina Ghetti, Elia Torrecilla, Santiago Iturralde, Marc Bellini, Anouk Tessereau,Claudia Haber.