My training is pictorial, but it has only been the starting point to look for different ways to express my ideas. The tool has not been more than that, the medium that best fits to be able to specify the images. I work producing series based on an idea or «topic» that interests me. Other times, series are built within a great “theme” where each of them together makes up a whole.

My work is essentially figurative, and the most recurrent themes reflected in my visual research are: the concept of plot and network, the human figure, and the visions of nature: nature attacked by man (man as a predator) and nature as a source of life, as part of the cosmos we live in.

Literary text and photography are usually the support of what I do; they work as a trigger for ideas and thoughts that materialize in my drawings and paintings.  My artistic work is crossed by the books that come to my hands, sometimes randomly and sometimes looking specifically for them. Therefore, the set of my works can be thought of as a reflection about texts and its interaction with other communicative and representational contexts. Sometimes, the text unlocks to new meanings, others, it underlies the structure of the art work. One might question whether it is the image that builds the text or it is the text that builds the image, discussing the «body» of the work itself.

My work needs crosses: literature, cinema, travels, meetings, talks, knowledge. Of motivations beyond myself; of the speeches of others, of my students, of what I discover day by day, what I keep in my memory, what challenges me.

I believe that art is a tool of individual and social transformation. A specifically important aspect in my work is the horizon that creates the community, as an instance of interaction that I always bear in mind. I am interested in having my work referenced and entering into dialogue about issues that affect all of us as citizens of the world.